Toyani carried out Business Partner Seminars across major cities in China

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  As the master of night vision tech. solution providers, the product portfolio covers yacht night vision equipment, portable night vision equipment, shoulder-held HD TV camcorder and hand-held SLR nigh vision camera etc. With the outstanding features and wide range of applications, the main product lines are well recognized with lion share of domest market. Continuous focus and effort will be addressed to evolve and optimize our product lines to better service to customers.

  In responding to The State Strategic emphasis on fostering cooperation among military and commercial enterprise, Toyani take the initiative to coordinate special equipment business partners and form the association, so as to best use of our technologic competence and capital agility, and gain the synergy among them for speedy commercialization of special night vision equipment.              





Michael WANG, CEO – Toyani Special Equipment Tech.Co., Ltd. 




  One of the strategic marketing initiatlve taken in May 2015 is to boost the brand image and market expansion by launching a series of seminar to broadcasting the partnership scheme with the aim on “Win-Win”. Membership is rendered to qualified business partners. Toyani is commited to work hand-in-hand and sharing resources with the partner to optimize the value proposion for selected market segments. Which is the main attribute to the rapid mutual business growth and profit among our business partners and together we have earned the lion share of the market in China. 



The seminar were well received by the impassioned participants/ prospectives