Toyani Shouldered Night Vision Camcorder

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  People working for news industry always headache for shooting at night . News are unpredictable with the burst characteristics.  To know the features and advantage of night shooting are basic requirement to carry out the  outstanding shows.The scenery at night is lack of light and always needs light compensation when shooting, an excellent device shall get a clear video inconspicuously.  Shouldered Night Vision Camcorder ,the lasted product of Toyani , can present 500m vision at night ,300m facial recognition in full dark environment.
  Advanced technology and innovative design ,Broadcasting HD Night Vision Camcorder has 30X optical lens with  4.4mm-132mm focal length ,and F1.4-F4.6 aperture,  near infrared intelligent imaging system ,Intelligent protection system, dismountable sun visor , Strong light inhibition function. External Dual MIC design,  external SD card ,HDMI , component output ,mini USB , SDI broadcast standard output port , DC connector ,high-capacity battery,16 hrs  long battery life (4.5 hrs when turn on fill-in light ),broadcast and multimedia dual technical protocol ,seamless connection . 1080 P  HD recording , 3.5 inches LCD , high sensitivity ,high color reproduction.
  The adoption of low light and near infrared imaging carry out 500m vision at night as in the daytime . Available for PAL ,NTSC video standard, adopt high precision focusing technology ,integrate focusing of manual mode ,automatic mode and infinity mode.  All of these back up  it to be the best in night shot field whilst shouldered design make it convenience for pressman.
  Not only at night ,the camcorder also perform excellent at daytime . As the air pollution or the thermal disturbance , the scene seems to be covered with a layer of white yarn when shooting. The variability of weather creative problems, like the colour temperature and colour contrast in rainy day .Toyani Shouldered Night Vision Camcorder adopt waterproof and fog penetration technology , 3km vision in daytime ,regardless heavy rain or dense fog ,shall provide you a fabulous shooting experience .
  Let the darkness to be controlled !


  Turn on the NIR function in full dark environment shall present 500m vision as daytime , 300m facial recognition and strong fog penetration . No matter foggy day or daytime and night ,can still work normally .
  In full dark environment, take a video for 500m far target.   Traditional Camcorder can not shot without additional light compensation ,however  ,Toyani Broadcasting HD Night Vision camcorder can capture news whenever possible .
  The comparison of performances in low light environment 
  In low light environment , the performances comparison of secretly shot between the traditional camcorder and  Toyani Broadcasting HD Night Vision camcorder.
  The comparison of performances in foggy day
  In the smoggy day or in dense fog environment ,the performance comparison of traditional camcorder and Toyani Broadcasting HD Night Vision camcorder with fog penetration function.
  In the smoggy day or in dense fog environment, take a video for 1000m far target .Traditional camcorder does not work , the performance of Toyani Broadcasting HD Night Vision camcorder with fog penetration function and automatic  X18 optical zoom .
  The comparison of performances  in sufficient light environment
  In good light situation environment , Toyani Broadcasting HD Night Vision camcorder can reach 95%~99% of  traditional camcorder’s performance 
  1080P HD  format and Broadcast Interface
  Toyani Broadcasting HD Night Vision camcorder adopts 1080P HD format ,standard broadcast interface , high light lens , lens angle is 1.6 to 60 degree , extent teleconverter to 37X zoom , HDMI output , SSD hard disk  port , SD memory card.