Toyani Maritime Night Vision System

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  Toyani  Maritime Night Vision system application for XingYang luxury yacht . In order to protect the safety of maritime transport at night, Toyani promote the Maritime Night Vision which has highest level technology .Whether it is luxury yacht or ship , visual distance 2KM at daytime, 500M at night, the night vision effect is same as daytime. It can observe the ship, bridge,terminal,obstacles. At the same time, Toyani Maritime Night Vision system is 360 degree automatic rotating night vision system, infrared automatic induction,automatic start the IR and night vision with the light intensity. We can real-time observe 360 degrees without blind area, also the driver can observe clearly as we connect a HD monitor with the system. 

Carry Toyani  Maritime Night Vision system 
  Cooperation partner : Toyani has cooperated with dongguan xingyang Yachts. Hunan xingyang Yachts , xiamen yinggang , guangdong dafei etc as Toyani agent in china. 
  Dongguan xingyang as Strategic Partner, It marks that Toyani coming into Ship security and related applications, Toyani Maritime Night Vision system solve the problem of safetysailing. We will strengthen cooperation and discuss related fields.
  Future plans: China has a long coastline, maritime industry is one of the key pillar industries, there is a huge number of  night vision system use for maritime transport, marine operations, maritime law enforcement and  marine recreation ship night vision system, it is a new  large  blue ocean market  for  TOYALI ship night vision . TOYALI will be out of the country, serve for ship of the whole world and equip ship night vision to every ship for their safe navigation.