Toyani Special Night Vision System

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  Toyani special night vision system applied in the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center.April 25,Shenzhen Toyani employees came to theChina Giant Panda Protection and Research Center and donated night vision equipments. The equipments will play an important role in the monitoring the pandas which frightened by the earthquake.

Toyani rescue team captain Zhenping Liang donating night vision system
  After the Lushan earthquake, pandas were frightened by the earthquake in China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center as the facility is just one mountain away from Lushan. Many pandas climbed and stayed on the trees even the feeding time, some pandas kept walking back and forth . Some panda cub were hanging on the tree which is very danger to them.
  After the earthquake frightened panda reluctant to climb down a tree
  When the Chairman of Shenzhen Toyani special equipment technology,Mr. Zhuang Min, learned of the situation through the news video,he immediately decided to donate a night vision camcorder to the research center and exhort Toyani rescue team to curry out the delivering mission to the representative of research center. After a multi-party efforts, Toyani finally reached the supervisor of the research center and bring the camcorder to them right after.
  When arrived, the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center supervisor give Toyani rescue team a warm reception, show them the facility and introduced the panda habits. According to the supervisor, many pandas are behaving normally after the earthquake which gives them a big inconvenience monitoring, especially at nights when they need to monitor the pandas without terrify them.
Pandas observed by Toyani night vision camcorder on 1150 meters distance
  The night vision camcorder donated by Toyani have the main functions as: Day visual 2,600meters; Night visual 500 meters; 22X synchronous optical zoom; Strong Light inhibition; Multifunctional high definition video recording; Vast view field; 22X synchronous optical zoom; Laser device protect technology and so on. Is the only equipment in the world that could scout; obtain evidence; provide live image in total darkness. When observing pandas at the dark nights it could avoid terrify the pandas whole providing clear images for researchers to monitor the pandas.